Underwater pool lights can be:
• 50 W halogen lights (concreted only);
• 150 W lights (attached to the side of the pool);
• 300 W lights (concreted only).
The lights are adjusted to 12 W voltage transformers. Underwater lights are switched on only when they are under water (they are cooled by water). If switching on without water, the body of the light may deform and the lamp can burn out. Burned-out light bulbs are replaced without changing the water level in the pool, by lifting the reserve wire from the body of the light above water. “SPA Technology” service provides light maintenance services.

Colour light therapy in swimming and hydro-massage pools
Light has a significant impact on our mood. A balanced spectrum of light in a pool will create a desired mood. Discover the colour light therapy!

red-waveRed colour provides activeness and energy; it creates movement and the joy of life. orange-waveOrange colour provides softness, relaxation and balance. yellow-waveYellow is a source of determination, vitality and the joy of life.
green-waveGreen is the colour of hope and renewal. It provides relaxation and symbolizes a connection to nature. blue-waveLight blue – expands the horizon and connects to the infinity of space. violet-wavePurple colour promotes curiosity and desire to enter the spiritual word.