Pool heating

Pool water warms up only in circulation mode. After warming up the water of the pool, it is recommended to ensure constant circulation.

Water heaters
• Heater (6 – 18 kW) – thermostat is contained in the body of the heater. Heating elements are protected against poor circulation (you may need to clean the filter) and overheating (is activated when reaching a 40° C temperature);
• Heater (28 – 120 kW) – thermostat is mounted on the pipe of the pool, in front of the heater.

The recommended heater temperature is from 60° C to 80° C. Lower temperature reduces its efficiency. The thermostat can control the heater pump. Floating thermometers or thermometers that can be attached to the ladder are used to measure water temperature in the pool.

  • The recommended water temperature in the pool is from 26° C to 28° C;
    • The recommended water temperature in children’s pool is from 30° C to 32° C.