Flocculation ensures that the water in the pool is crystal clear.

If water in your pool is circulated regularly, then small particles and floating sediments will settle on the sand filter. If particles are not caught in the filter (due to their small size), then they will return back to the pool. Without flocculation, they will be visible in the water when turning on the underwater lights.

Flocculation materials form larger particles in water which are then caught by the sand filters. This procedure ensures crystal clear water. In addition, constant flocculation enhances the effectiveness of disinfectants, especially when using active oxygen systems.

20kg – 66,70EUR

Quickflock Automatic Plus is a concentrated liquid flocculant for sand filters for the effective prevention and removal of fine particles suspended in the water, which can lead to turbidity.

Quickflock Automatic Plus is unique: the lanthanum contained in the liquid removes phosphates and metal ions from your pool water. It also prevents algae growth.
Dosing is carried out through a special flocculant dosing pump.
Filter type: sand filter
Pool size: all
Location for dosing: into the pool water via Flocmatic dosing pump
Dosing frequency: as needed

1kg – 31,50EUR

Superflock Plus is a flocculant cartridge for use with sand filters, for the effective prevention and removal of turbidity in the water. Due to its special formula, the content of the Superflock Plus cartridge dissolves slowly, making continuous flocculation.

Superflock Plus is unique, because Lanthanum removes metals and phosphates from your pool water. This prevents algae growth and staining of the pool surfaces.
Recommended dosage: 1 cartridge /50 m3
Filter type: sand filter
Pool size: > 10m3
Location for dosing: through a skimmer
Dosing frequency: as needed